Bar Stool Cushions

Family and friends love to be close to the action, whether you’re entertaining guests at the kitchen island while you cook or mixing up killer cocktails by the pool, let them pull up a stool. Barnett barstool covers transform even the most unforgiving perch with a thick latex-foam cushion and sturdy adjustable yoke



How do we make bar stool cushions that last longer?

We start with premium quality materials and superior construction methods.

Premium Fabrics

Tested for durability, selected for style.

Premium Latex Foam Fill

Lasts longer than other foams and will never go flat.

Made by Skilled Sewers

With durable lock-stitched seams and quality construction.

Adjustable Drawstring Yoke

Lasts longer than elastic bands, more secure than gripper strips.

“Fits very well, well padded, will be washable if needed, and appreciate the drawstring. Excellent product, good quality materials.”


Be sure to measure the seat of your stool before purchasing, bar stools come in different sizes!


13″ diameter

Fits most round barstools with a seat 1″-2″ thick and 12″-14″ diameter.


15″ Diameter

Fits larger bar stools with a round seat 1″-2″ thick and 14″-16″ diameter. 


12″W x 12″H

Coming Soon. Fits most industrial stools with a square seat 11″-13″ wide.

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Remarkable comfort, uncompromising style.  Select from over 25 colors and patterns


  • Made in USA with your choice of American-made or imported fabrics.
  • Cushions are tufted with four tacking-stitches to keep fill in place, even after machine washing!
  • Adjustable drawstring yoke fits most standard and extra-large barstools; not intended to fit diner or shop style stools with a wide metal band around the seat.
  • Shredded latex foam fill pad is thicker and more comfortable than most padded barstool covers.
  • Round bar stool cushions diameter is measured across the widest part of the circle; due to the nature of hand-crafted textile furnishings, all dimensions are approximate.
  • Industrial stool cushion is square and features ties instead of an adjustable yoke.
  • Color appearance may vary with device and settings, we highly recommend requesting a fabric swatch before ordering.
  • Most styles are machine washable but spot clean is recommended for cushions made in tapestry fabrics.

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