All policies detailed on this page apply to wholesale orders from registered dealers.

Order Scheduling & Processing Times

Wholesale orders are make-to-order, we do not carry stock for fulfillment of wholesale orders.

Most wholesale orders will be scheduled to begin production 1-3 weeks after the order is received. Production normally takes 1-2 weeks to complete before the order is ready to ship. Shipping normally takes 3-5 business days. Therefore most wholesale orders will be ready to ship 2-5 weeks from order date and will arrive 3-6 weeks from order date.

Our factory is closed for cleaning and maintenance the week of July 4, be sure to order early for shipments near the summer factory closing. Due to high volumes of orders received for the Christmas season, our schedule for the remainder of the year is usually full by October, be sure to plan accordingly and get your orders for the Christmas shopping season in before October -you do not have to take delivery early.  Due to our annual winter closure for factory cleaning and maintenance, together with factory worker holidays, we do not ordinarily schedule shipments for the week of Christmas or the week of New Years.


Unless you specify otherwise, your order will ship UPS Ground on our account and we will invoice you for shipping and handling charges with your order.    We can bill shipping charges to your UPS account if you specify the request on your purchase order or account application.

We do not have an account with FedEx, therefore, if you request that we ship via FedEx and bill your FedEx account, any FedEx shipments are subject to a per box pick-up fee (currently $3.20/box) which will be invoiced with your order or separately.

We will add insurance for declared value on ground shipments by any parcel carrier on each carton unless you instruct otherwise.

If you have shipping breakpoints you may specify your instructions on your account application.  You may specify breakpoints for shipments over a set weight limit or carton count.

All shipments are FOB Macon; liability transfers to the buyer when the shipment leaves Barnett Products’ dock.

If you request a competitive bid freight estimate, please submit your purchase order at least 4 weeks prior to your desired ship date.

Barnett Products dock hours are 7am-1pm Monday-Friday, the carrier must arrive in time to load and depart before the dock closes at 1pm.  If your freight carrier does not meet their dock appointment they will be turned away and you will be notified that the dock appointment has been missed.  We will not request a second appointment from the same freight carrier without your prior authorization.  Parcel carriers who fail to arrive for a scheduled pick-up will be rescheduled on your behalf.

Wholesale Order Cancellations, Corrections and Changes

Requests for cancellation from the customer will be handled on a best efforts basis. It will not always be possible to cancel an order before it is fulfilled or before non-refundable charges are accrued. Our staff will process cancellation requests Monday-Friday, 9:00AM-4:30PM US EST. Please email or call 478-745-1663 to request an order cancellation as soon as possible.

Wholesale Orders are made to order, and therefore may only be cancelled for a 100% refund if the cancellation request can be processed before the item goes into production. Most orders will go into production 1-3 weeks after ordering, although an order may go into production sooner or later depending on availability on the manufacturing schedule.

You will receive an order confirmation within 48 hours of sending your purchase order. When you receive your order confirmation please immediately inspect it carefully for accuracy. Your order confirmation will include any price changes and any items which are no longer available will be deleted from your order. Your order confirmation will also include an anticipated shipping date. Any changes or corrections must be requested immediately after receipt of your order confirmation and will be honored on a best efforts basis. We cannot honor requests for changes or corrections received less than two weeks before the anticipated shipping date.

We will not substitute items or backorder items unless requested to do so by the customer. We make every effort to anticipate supply and demand for fabrics but we cannot guarantee fabric availability. Fabrics listed on our published materials and website may go out of supply before we can post notice, please call customer service if you would like to confirm fabric availability before ordering. If we do not expect to be able to honor a delivery cancelation date we will request an extension before the order is confirmed, or as soon as possible, if due to circumstances beyond our control.

Returns of Products ordered Wholesale from Barnett Products

All wholesale orders are make to order, we do not stock finished goods for wholesale order fulfillment. For this reason, wholesale orders may be returned ONLY for reason of manufacturer’s defect or order fulfillment error.

An order fulfillment error exists when the customer receives a product style, size, fabric, color, quantity or feature that is different than the item listed on the order confirmation.

Characteristics which are not considered defects or errors are either due to the natural characteristics of the materials; due to the natural characteristics of hand-crafted goods;  or are due to circumstances which are beyond the control of the manufacturer.

The following do not constitute a manufacturer’s defect or order fulfillment error:

  1. Difference in Dye Lots: We will notify you if we are unable to fill an entire order from one dye lot; dye lots are not otherwise guaranteed. We do not accept returns due to difference in dye lot between current order and any previous orders. We are happy to send a swatch of the current dye lot on request.
  2. Difference in Color Appearance: Although we make every effort to accurately display fabric colors on our website and published materials, differences in how colors are displayed by various computer monitors and printers are beyond our control. Please request a fabric swatch before placing an order, as we cannot accept returns due to dissatisfaction with color.
  3. Pattern Placement: Pattern placement may vary, we do not accept returns for pattern placement.
  4. Slight Difference in Size/Silhouette/Dimensions, Tolerances: All of our items are hand-crafted from pliable materials and will vary slightly in size/dimensions and silhouette. Items filled with shredded latex foam may also contract or settle slightly in shipment, this will correct itself naturally as the product is used, or can be redistributed manually. Our items are not mass-produced by machine, please allow for normal tolerances for variations in hand-crafted textile goods (this depends on item type and size, but +/- 2″ is typical for many hand-crafted textile goods).
  5. Improper Care & Use: Please see the Care Instructions section of our website or the care instructions provided on the product insert or label. Items exposed to improper use or improper cleaning methods will not be accepted for return.
  6. Natural Characteristics of Latex Foam and other fill materials: All of our items are made in a facility where latex foam is processed, please be aware that persons with latex allergies should not use our goods and should exercise caution when handling.  Preference for a firmer or softer cushion is not a manufacturing defect or fulfillment error; we would be happy to provide your store with a sample cushion for the cost of shipping and handling. Latex Foam Fill, Down/Feathers, and some textile fibers have natural odor which, if noticeable or undesirable, can be improved by airing the items in a well ventilated area for 24-48 hours after unpacking.

If you need to make a return for manufacturer’s defect or order fulfillment error please contact our customer service department for a return authorization before shipping. You may contact us by email or by calling 478-745-1663, Monday-Friday, 9:00am-4:30pm US EST. We may require photos and/or an inspection to confirm the manufacturers defect or order fulfillment error.

Return shipping for authorized manufacturer’s defect claims will initially be paid by the customer; upon verifying that a manufacturer’s defect is present, we will credit the return shipping cost to your account. At our discretion, and only in circumstances where a manufacturer’s defect can be identified unequivocally from a digital photograph, we may provide a prepaid return shipping label or call ticket.