I am a designer or hospitality buyer, can I apply for a Trade or Volume discount?

  • Potentially eligible members of The Trade include interior decorators, interior designers, set decorators, real estate stagers and others who select furnishings in the course of earning their primary source of income.  This category may also include retail stores that do not meet criteria for the Registered Dealer program.
  • Potentially eligible Volume Buyers include representatives who are responsible for selecting furnishings for institutions such as schools, hospitality groups such as restaurants and hotels, organizations such as churches, or developers of resort or residential properties.
  • Members of the trade and volume buyers do not typically maintain inventory for re-sale.
  • These accounts may not expect to re-order, or may only expect to order on a per project basis.
  • A volume purchase is typically 24 pieces or more, the actual quantity varies by product style.
  • A trade purchase is typically $100 or more.
  • These accounts are not required to devote floor space to displays.  If you photograph your space we would love to receive a digital copy.